Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Robo Scientist

That's an interesting piece of news which I came across while moving through a news website.....its interesting to note that now we need computers to do the job of thinking......hehehe.

Scientists have created an ideal colleague - a robot that performs hundreds of repetitive experiments.

The robot, called Adam, is the first machine to have independently "discovered new scientific knowledge".

It has already identified the role of several genes in yeast cells, and is able to plan further experiments to test its own hypotheses.

The UK-based team that built Adam at Aberystwyth University describes the breakthrough in the journal Science.Ross King from the department of computer science at Aberystwyth University, and who led the team, told BBC News that he envisaged a future when human scientists' time would be "freed up to do more advanced experiments".

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"I wanted to ask the readers about their view on this kind of development.....Robo scientist......this might seem to be advanced but what next!!!!! Are we going to witness a separate body in the science world to award the excellence in science by robots .....like the Nobel Prize in Artificial Research. .....hehe. Sometimes technological developments irritate me when I am not able to decide whether its good for the future of humanity or bad for the humans themselves."

What's your take on it??????? ........type on!!!!!!!! :)